Team Childhood

With a specific focus on early childhood and primary school years, this team looks at the development of emergent literacy in family and preschool education, as well as the foundation of literacy performance in primary schools. All team members are well aware that the early years are very important for the later achievement in literacy.
From conducting desk research and compiling comprehensive country reports, to observing good practice projects on site – this team has its hands full. Thanks to special expertise in their fields, members of Team Childhood skilfully navigate the vast sea of existing empirical research to create coherent country reports and present good practice examples.

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Renate Valtin, from the German Society for Reading and Writing, spearheads this team of experts coming from the following organisations:

Aarhus University, Denmark
Austrian Library Services, Austria
Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic
Cyprus Pedagogical Institute, Cyprus
Finnish Reading Association (FinRa), Finland
General Hospital Dubrovnik, Croatia
German Society for Reading and Writing (DGLS), Germany
Health Centre for Children (CSB/ONLUS), Italy
Institute of Education, United Kingdom
KWP Rotterdams Talent, The Netherlands
Literacy Centre Styria, Austria
Mother Child Education Foundation (AҪEV), Turkey
Slovenian Reading Association, Slovenia
Spanish Reading and Writing Association, Spain
St. Patrick´s College, Ireland
Swiss Institute for Children´s and Youth Media, Switzerland
Tallinn University, Estonia
UK Literacy Association (UKLA), United Kingdom
University of Crete, Greece
University of Jyväskylä, Finland

What people in Team Childhood say about ELINET

"I am inspired by working with literacy professionals from different fields and I appreciate the promotion of literacy in the Czech Republic." Veronika Laufkova – Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

"I find my work for ELINET very interesting because it helps me develop an understanding of the common challenges we as Europeans encounter in the quest for promoting literacy." Lefkios Neophytou – Cyprus Pedagogical Institute, Cyprus

"ELINET triggered us three Finnish partners to bring together some 50 literacy stakeholder organisations in Finland to active collaboration. This is big!" Ann-Sofie Selin – Finnish Reading Association