Team leader: Jörg F. Maas

I studied philosophy, social sciences, German and Romance philology in Bonn, Berlin and Cologne. In 1993, I obtained my PhD in the field of philosophy of science and history of science at the University of Hagen and at Harvard University. Prior to my current position, I was executive council of Stiftung Jugend Forscht in Hamburg, European coordinator at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as well as CEO of Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung (DSW, German foundation for world population). Currently, I am the Chair of EU Read, the European task force for the promotion of reading.

As leader of Team Communication Platform, my task is to ensure the adequate representation of the work of our ELINET experts on the web. Our website’s purpose is to spread the word of literacy, support the European exchange in literacy policies and share the outcomes of the network. Giving all teams a place to showcase their work, members work hand in hand with all the other teams; from elaborating web concepts with the other teams, drafting texts, locating photo material, carving out the website design and continuously briefing the web agency.