Collaborative space: How to assess key competences?

The Forum on the review of the Key Competence Framework on School Education Gateway is still open for opinions and suggestions:

The ‘Key Competence Framework: 2016-2017 Review Collaborative space’ on School Education Gateway for members to continue discussions about the review is still open and welcomes new ideas on how to assess key competences.

The current discussion is about “How to assess key competences?" and can be joined by following this link.

Note: To be part of the review process you first need to register on the Gateway and then join one of the many discussion forums. Click here to find a guideline of how to register.

In addition you may take part in a small survey to gather your opinion on themes that have come out of the stakeholder consultations carried out to date about the review. It can be accessed here and should not take longer than 5 minutes.