Interventions for Literacy

Do you need new ideas for helping kids who struggle with reading, spelling or writing? A broad range of interventions in use in the UK are featured on this website »Intervention for Literacy«

Interventions for Literacy is a resource website for parents and practitioners.

The interventions concern children and young people (ages 5 to 18) who are learning in English, but the concepts and analysis apply more widely, and details of the nearly 50 schemes featured may suggest new approaches. There is an Advanced Search facility which lets you specify the age-range of your pupils (primary or secondary), whether they struggle mainly with reading, spelling or writing and, if the answer to that is ‘reading’, then whether they have a specific problem with motivation, comprehension, fluency or phonology (the sounds of the language and their relationship to the letters).

Every scheme featured on the site has been evaluated quantitatively – that is, has evidence of effectiveness from at least one study in which kids were given a test before and after the intervention. And for each scheme there is a link where you can find out more about the scheme and its provider.

The author of the ‘Interventions’ section of the website is Greg Brooks of the University of Sheffield in England, former member of the EU High Level Group of Experts on Literacy and of the ELINET Management Board, and recent Chairperson of the Federation of European Literacy Associations. He based the content on his book What Works for Children and Young People with Literacy Difficulties? - the 5th  edition of the book can be accessed via the site.

Do you have any questions?  to Greg Brooks