Join the ELINET Association at the Literacy Conference in Copenhagen!

Are you interested in literacy (research, practice and policy) in your country and across Europe? ...

... If „yes“, we invite you to join in ELINET – a  network of literacy experts and practitioners. Come and learn more about us in a pre-conference assembly before the European Conference on Literacy: You are very welcome to join the ELINET Association, but it is also possible to listen and get to know us

Date and Time:  4. August 2019, 10.30 – 12.00

Place:  Venue of the 21st European Conference on Literacy, Copenhagen

ELINET’s objectives are:

a) to improve and advocate literacy policies and practices across Europe to support all European citizens’ and residents´ lifelong rights to engage critically and creatively with communication and learning: see ELINET’s European Declaration of the Right to Literacy.

b) to build and maintain a network of literacy experts (researchers, practitioners and policy makers)

c) to provide a communication platform to strengthen and foster collaboration and cooperation between different stakeholders in the field of literacy promotion.

For more information about the agenda and related documents, please contact the chair of the association:

Prof. Dr. Christine Garbe, University of Cologne, chair of the ELINET Association


Please find here the full text of the invitation.