Partners and Members

From February 2014 until March 2016 the European Literacy Policy Network (ELINET) comprised 80 regular partners from 28 European countries (including 24 EU member states) engaged in literacy policy-making and reading promotion in Europe. Those partners were organized – below the level of the general coordinator University of Cologne (Prof. Christine Garbe) – in 8 work teams responsible for different aspects of the work programme. Each team was coordinated by one (or two) team leader(s) who were responsible for organizing the work of their teams. The team leaders plus some elected network representatives formed the Management Board which was responsible for all project decisions.

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This structure of the ELINET project phase automatically ended with the funding period in March 2016. At the final ELINET conference in Amsterdam in January 2016 a strategy paper for the future of ELINET was discussed and a Transitional Committee was appointed whose 12 members represent ELINET during its transition phase.

For the future, ELINET will be transformed into a legal association which will be formally decided during the 20th European Literacy Conference in Madrid in July 2017. This future network will continue the work being opened for former ELINET partners as well as for new members.