Awareness Raising

Tackling literacy issues is complex; it tends to involve several players, it is scattered throughout the society and related problems to literacy difficulties are often hidden. It all starts with awareness of the widespread and deep-rooted problem in all areas of society. Effective awareness raising activities are necessary to put the issue higher on the political agenda in order to achieve a decrease in the number of weak performers on literacy. So: awareness raising is a necessity if we want to make changes. Do you want to join us?

In the section of awareness raising for literacy difficulties and reading promotion you will find tools to support your awareness raising activities, including:

  • A case studies database of good practices on awareness raising
  • Top tips providing specific players in society, such as librarians, celebrities, peers and businesses, with calls to action
  • A checklist with do’s and don’ts of awareness raising
  • Awareness Raising Toolkit with 8 practical awareness raising tools
  • Insight in Literacy Week 2015

Knowing the facts

To raise awareness for literacy, you need to know the facts. Therefore, ELINET has developed factsheets concerning the facts and figures around literacy in Europe. We have created a printable flyer in A3 as well as a longer version in A4 which includes references and sources. Find both versions below:

Factsheet Literacy in Europe: Facts and figures A3

Factsheet Literacy in Europe: Facts and figures A4