Literacy Week September 8-17, 2015

©European Literacy Policy Network
©European Literacy Policy Network

In 2015 ELINET initiated the Literacy Week in Europe aiming to organise as many events as possible throughout Europe to raise awareness for the dream of a Europe in which every adult can read and write well enough to fully and independently participate in society.


Literacy Week 2015 started on September 8 on UNESCO’s International Literacy Day and ran until September 17, 2015 when a closing event in Brussels took place. A website with examples for inspiration and a guideline to motivate organizations to join in and contribute by organising a Literacy Week event in their own country was developed. As a result over 140 Literacy Week events took place throughout Europe to draw attention and raise awareness for literacy difficulties.

Part of Literacy Week 2015 was a contest to be nominated for the first Literacy Week Innovation Award. An award to praise the innovativeness with which awareness for the alarming issue of literacy is raised. Based on the criteria ‘innovation’, ‘reach of audience’ and ‘used resources’, three of the events registered before August 16 2015 were nominated of which the videos below were shown at the closing event in Brussels. Through real time voting by the audience, Grammar on the road was chosen as the winner of the very first Literacy Week Innovation Award. Congratulations to Primary School Hristo Botev and the organizers of the event!

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