Awareness Raising Toolkit

ELINET has developed an Awareness Raising Toolkit with practical tools that can be used for effective awareness raising activities. The tools target literacy learners, intermediaries and policy makers. The tools were developed, piloted in 7 countries, evaluated and redeveloped based on the experiences of the pilot.

The report 'Guide to literacy awareness raising in Europe' explaining the process that resulted in the final Awareness Raising Toolkit and the Awareness Raising Toolkit flyer can be found using the links below.

Guide to literacy awareness raising in Europe

Awareness Raising Toolkit flyer

Literacy learners

Former literacy learners are indispensable in raising awareness: they know from their own experience what it means to have literacy difficulties and what it is like to work on your literacy skills.

Literacy Ambassadors


Intermediaries are crucial in tackling literacy difficulties: they serve as a link between a potential literacy learner and opportunities to improve their skills. Furthermore, they are in a position to open up the conversation, develop initiatives and implement policies to stimulate literacy development.

Workshop for Intermediaries Flyers for Intermediaries Video Running a Campaign 

Policy makers

Policy makers are involved in and have the authority to formulate policies and set policy frameworks. As such, they strongly influence the structures, opportunities and practices necessary to tackle literacy difficulties

Country Factsheet Elevator Pitch Training