Literacy Screener

Do you notice your employee has difficulties with work instructions? Or that your patient makes mistakes with his/her drug intake? Is a client at your job centre reluctant to find vacancies themselves? Or is your customer always late with returning his/her library books? Does a social security recipient always call after you’ve sent them a letter? In these instances it may be that reading skills play a role. To get a better grasp of whether this is indeed the case and as such raise awareness of the scope and effect of literacy difficulties, ELINET’s Literacy Screener comes in handy.

ELINET’s Literacy Screener is an online screening tool that indicates in a simple and fast manner whether somebody may have reading difficulties. The result can serve as a starting point to improve someone’s literacy skills as a way to meet the goals of the organisation and of the person with literacy difficulties him or herself.

The tool 'Literacy Screener' aims to give you insight in the method of screening for literacy difficulties using a fast and simple online screening tool. As such, it supports you in developing and implementing your own Literacy Screener.