2nd ELINET Conference in Budapest

"We need to plan and to create a turning point in the educational system, in cultural institutions, and in the economy and business. If not, our common European future could be very much at risk."
Dr Attila Nagy, founding president of the Hungarian Reading Association (HunRA)

Over 130 participants attended the second ELINET conference organised by the Hungarian Institute of Educational Research and Development (HIERD) in Budapest, Hungary from 20-22 April 2015. The conference reflected the progress of the work programme, and focused on specific topics such as the evaluation of good practices in raising literacy levels, the definition of literacy throughout Europe, or the sustainability of the network.

Attendees chose from a plethora of stimulating workshops and played an active part in shaping future steps and addressing obstacles. Invigorating networking opportunities, such as an interactive event and a casual dinner in downtown Budapest, enabled participants to fully appreciate the wide diversity of the network – both in culture and expertise.

Renowned speakers and guests included Prof. Dr Tamás Köpeczi-Bócz (State Secretariat for EU Development Policy and Professor at Corvinius University in Budapest), Dr András Virág (Deputy Secretary of Hungarian Parliament), Dr Zoltán Pompor, (Deputy Director General of HIERD), Dr Attila Nagy (Founding President of the Hungarian Reading Association and member of the EU High Level Group of Experts on Literacy between 2011-2012), and a member from the European Commission.

The participants

© HIERD/Viktor Ludas
ELINET Conference Participants

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