Elinet Sessions at 20th ELC 2017 in Madrid

From 3 to 6 July 2017 the 20th European Conference on Literacy (together with the 6th Ibero- American Forum on Literacy and Learning) will take place in Madrid.

Organized by AELE (Asociación Española de Lectura y Escritura, the Spanish Reading and Writing Association) in cooperation with FELA (Federation of European Literacy Associations) and IDEC (International Development in Europe Committee of the International Literacy Association).

The ELINET sessions will focus on a central topic of ELINET´s work: “Working together to encourage equity through literacy communities” and will thus provide an excellent opportunity to communicate ELINET´s work to literacy professionals across Europe. We want to present what ELINET has done so far and plans to do in the future, with a constant reference to literacy policies and good practices in all sections, e.g. by inviting additional discussants who highlight the policy implications. Furthermore, we want to launch the “new” ELINET and establish its future working groups during the Madrid conference.

For further information please visit the  CONFERENCE WEBSITE