There are several hotels close to the University campus in Cologne/Lindenthal.Please find the most suitable accommodation for you.

Hotel Flandrischer Hof
(Price range: €65 - €120 including breakfast buffet)

Hopper Hotel ET CETERA
(Price range: €65 - €120 including breakfast buffet)

Leonardo Royal Hotel
(Price range: €90 - €140 including breakfast buffet)

Ameron Hotel
(Price range: €100 - €150)

(We pre-selected the area and the date of the conference for you)

Please Note:
Due to article by law there is a City Culture Tax in Cologne. If you cannot verify that you are travelling on behalf of Business an additional tax has to be paid. This will be 5% of the Logis Price. To avoid this amount please fill out the following document and send it to Martin Gross: gross-projects[at]

We will sign and confirm your stay as work related and mandatory and hand it out at registration.

Download City Culture Tax