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Examples of Good Practice

Find a collection of Good Practices in raising literacy right here. Thanks to a thorough peer-review process, we are happy to present to you a selection of Good Practice examples with the aim of increasing access for all European citizens to literacy provision. Use the filters Country, Age Group and Policy Area to narrow down your search. In case your are looking for a specific project title please use the general search function on top of the page.

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A museum of one book

This creative approach to reading comprehension involves children and adults working together to create a museum exhibition based on a book

Improving school libraries in Galicia

An extensive school library development project is extending the definition of reading and providing students and families with a broad range of literacy skills for the 21st century.

myPad multimodal

This example of good practice addresses the important issue of how educators across Europe can provide equal access to mobile digital technologies and give them the opportunities to learn about, and with, new media.

Developing Early Language Education in Day-care and Kindergarten

The good practice in this example was a theoretically-based professional development programme focused on young children’s academic language proficiency.

Reading Promoter SIKJM – Literacy Education in Early Childhood

In Switzerland, professionally trained ‘reading promoters’ raise awareness of the importance of early literacy and promote the Bookstart programme to parents and childcare professionals.