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Examples of Good Practice

Find a collection of Good Practices in raising literacy right here. Thanks to a thorough peer-review process, we are happy to present to you a selection of Good Practice examples with the aim of increasing access for all European citizens to literacy provision. Use the filters Country, Age Group and Policy Area to narrow down your search. In case your are looking for a specific project title please use the general search function on top of the page.

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Athletic Book Clubs

In Cyprus, children’s interest in sport was used to encourage them to read and develop their language by creating book clubs as part of a Sports for All programme.

ALEHOP: Programme for the Development of Communicative Skills

This language teaching initiative in a Spanish speaking region of North Africa, is raising educational achievement among marginalized communities.

L’Échange de Pratiques pour Améliorer la Littératie – EPAL – Promoting Classroom Practices

This Belgian literacy project allows teachers to create professional learning communities and exchange ideas and experiences about their teaching practices.

Digital literacy for people at risk of social exclusion (Alfabetización digital para personas en riesgo de exclusión social)

This Spanish project is an open online course which aims to train a number of European teachers to use digital literacy as a tool for social inclusion.

State subsidy for Easy-to-Read literature

In Finland the Ministry of Education and Culture subsidises the publication of books to support struggling readers.