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Examples of Good Practice

Find a collection of Good Practices in raising literacy right here. Thanks to a thorough peer-review process, we are happy to present to you a selection of Good Practice examples with the aim of increasing access for all European citizens to literacy provision. Use the filters Country, Age Group and Policy Area to narrow down your search. In case your are looking for a specific project title please use the general search function on top of the page.

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Non-Certified External Assessments and Tools

Schools in the French-speaking region of Belgium use external assessments to monitor pupil attainment in core literacy skills.

Método de la Oca: The Oca Method

The Método de la Oca is an inclusive classroom-based teaching method that adopts a systematic approach to the teaching of decoding skills, with a focus on struggling readers.

The Reading Badge

In Slovenia the national Reading Badge movement aims to create a strong culture of reading among children.

I want you to read for me!

This Romanian project trains librarians to organize intergenerational reading workshops.

Crescere Leggendo: Growing up reading

A regional reading promotion programme in Italy co-ordinates reading activities in schools, libraries and cultural institutions.