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Crescere Leggendo: Growing up reading

Crescere Leggendo: Growing up reading

A regional reading promotion programme in Italy co-ordinates reading activities in schools, libraries and cultural institutions.

Age group

Preprimary Age

Policy Area

Creating a literate environment,Improving the quality of teaching,Increasing participation

People Involved

Family, Government and policy makers, Librarians, Teachers, Volunteers, Authors, Musicians, Actors


• Implement and disseminate good practice in reading promotion
• Support the network of educational and cultural services
• Integrate reading promotion into cultural institutions


Crescere Leggendo (CreL) is a region-wide reading promotion programme for children aged six to eleven in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region of Italy. CreL co-ordinates a range of reading promotion activities and works in partnership with Nati per Leggere for 0-5 year olds (see Nati Per Leggere good practice example). The programme was launched by Damatrà Onlus - a non profit organization active in non-curricular education.

Crescere Leggendo works towards establishing links between schools, libraries and local municipalities in order to raise awareness of the importance of reading and promote the social value of reading. The aim is to foster an educational environment rich in stories and books, to promote reading aloud and storytelling, and make art, drama, theatre and music part of reading. Crescere Leggendo also disseminates good practice in reading promotion.
This programme is based on evidence which shows there is a strong relationship between a book rich environment and the development of frequent and enthusiastic readers.

Crescere Leggendo is particularly involved in organising and promoting events that connect art, music, drama, and theatre with reading and books. This initiative also  reaches out to all those involved in the reading process - parents, institutions, publishers, schools and libraries. CreL also co-ordinates literary workshops, teacher education, links between schools and libraries, and workshops with writers and illustrators. One of the strengths of CreL is that it co-ordinates a wide range of reading promotion activities cross the region and has established a strong grassroots network that supports its activities.

Today the programme involves 160 libraries and at least as many schools and municipalities and about 14,000 children yearly. In 2013, Crescere Leggendo won the Gutenberg Prize, awarded by the Italian Book Association.

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