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National Core Curriculum of Hungary

National Core Curriculum of Hungary

The National Core Curriculum is a curriculum framework that represents the highest level of content regulation in Hungarian public education.

Age group

Preprimary Age,Primary Age,Adolescents

Policy Area

Improving the quality of teaching

People Involved

Government and policy makers, Librarians, Municipalities and job centres, Teachers and Educational specialists


  • to disseminate and preserve general knowledge 

  • to develop the abilities, skills, knowledge and attitudes required for learning and for work

  • to encourage individual and group performance, to lay the groundwork for the efforts to achieve the public good and to strengthen the sense of community and patriotism


In Hungary, the National Core Curriculum is an educational framework which regulates the content of the Hungarian public education policies. It was first drafted in 1989 and since then, it has undertaken major changes both contentwise and with regard to the approaches it has been using. The last version was presented in 2012 and has taken into account most of the recommendations made by the European Union with respect to lifelong learning and subject-specific knowledge. 

The Hungarian system of content regulation is a three-level and two-pole model, in which both government and local school regulations play an important role. The priority and main focus are given to the development of key competences such as communicating in the mother tongue and improving literacy skills. Hence, the main goal of the curriculum is to develop educational practices with foster the abovementioned competences. 

The curriculum is product of long research by teachers, librarians, curriculum developers, researchers and expert consultants and it addresses the students from all educational levels. Every three years, it is revised and evaluated in order to meet the expectations of new generations and modern policies. 

The funding is provided by the Hungarian Government and is part of the national budget designated for education. 

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