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Right to Read Campaign: Supporting literacy in the local authority

Right to Read Campaign: Supporting literacy in the local authority

This Irish project aims to improve literacy levels throughout Ireland by providing a nationally coordinated framework for literacy support and development.

Age group

Preprimary Age,Primary Age,Adolescents,Adults,Family Literacy

Policy Area

Creating a literate environment,Increasing participation

People Involved

Government and policy makers, Librarians, Teachers, Educational specialists and Early childhood education and care workers


  • to provide a nationally coordinated framework for literacy support and development through all local authorities in line with the Programme for Government

  • to provide a cohesive, workable and measurable support structure for literacy development in all local communities

  • to embed the development of literacy into the lives of communities via the local government system

  • to invigorate existing relationships and strengthen the partnership approach in delivering literacy support


Right to Read is a new Irish campaign, which focuses on improving the literacy levels throughout Ireland. It involves all local authorities and coordinates them with a standard national framework for literacy development. Part of this new initiative is the development of a Right to Read award programme, which will recognize and commend the achievements of local authorities.

Numerous international reports, including the PISA 2012 survey, have recognized the importance of further development in literacy skills across all ages. Ireland has already built strong relationship between literacy development and social, health and education outcomes, quality of life, employment, and the overall well-being of society. The Right to Read campaign aims to support this relationship by complementing and further developing the existing literacy projects, which reinforce literacy and help children, adults and families come closer to literacy skills.

For doing so, Right to Read will accord with the National Literacy and Numeracy Strategy and stay in line with the Irish Programme for Government, which also seek to deliver more systematic literacy support at local level and strengthen the current literacy activities. 

The role of the central service within communities is given to the public libraries. They develop and enhance literacy activities in cooperation with other key agencies, cooperate with a country-wide network of partners and consolidate literacy support throughout government services. 

There are seven key stages for the implementation of this project. First, the existing literacy project should be reviewed and a literacy action plan should be established, with good practice examples. Then, a literacy network of partner will be developed and the cooperation will start. All partners will implement the proposed activities throughout the network, while communicating with each other. The project will then be nationally promoted and will raise awareness of literacy development. Lastly, it will be evaluated in order to show the outputs and outcomes of each community.

This campaign was made possible by the financial support of all local communities.

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