Literacy is a prerequisite for learning – therefore, we are keen to gather and further develop knowledge about literacy. Drawing on the compelling research already available in the field of literacy policies, ELINET research teams join forces to compile all this knowledge in the shape of country reports. Our goal is to make literacy performance and policies in all ELINET countries visible: across all age-groups and policy areas – all at a single glance.

The following resources will be available to you here in due course:

  • The Executive Summaries of our 30 country specific reports on literacy
    as well as age-specific reports for a number of countries. All other full reports will be available for ELINET members in the intranet and for all others by request.
  • The Frame of Reference of our country reports: if you want to find out what defines good literacy policies, you can rely on the ELINET frame of reference.
  • Indicators of Success in Awareness Raising and Fundraising: 
    Are you interested in finding out what makes an awareness raising or fundraising campaign successful? Find out here with our  ELINET report.
  • Recommended literacy research: For your convenience, we have listed the international reports that we found to be most useful for our work on literacy policy